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Among its vast service portfolio, Eco Biosciences offers commercial sample testing services. Reduce your commercial risk by ensuring that your shipments meet international standards and customer specifications. Also, when you purchase your instrument from Eco Biosciences you choose a high quality product that you rely upon for its accuracy and stability. Given the proper care, your instrument should provide years of reliable operation. Eco Biosciences has several service programs designed to meet your needs. From the recommended preventive maintenance programs to repair coverage and emergency service, Eco Biosciences will ensure you get the most out of your investment.

Eco Biosciences proposes annual contracts with the objective of reducing or even eliminating the need for remedial interventions – which are frequently penalizing for a laboratory. Excellent results under testing conditions have allowed us to establish a dynamic and efficient service structure.

We have onboard a taskforce of highly qualified, professional, customer-centric and motivated individuals who are involved round the clock in product and compliance support, instrument supply and installation, maintenance and repair, software integration, consulting and professional services wrapped with Service Level Agreements (SLA) specifically designed and tailored to suit your needs, so as to protect your investment and improve your ROI.

We keep customer satisfaction and product excellence at the core of our vision and corporate strategy. The “more for less” relationship model with our customers gives Eco Biosciences the differentiated market position that it has today, with a glut of satisfied clientele and achievement awards for South Asia Pacific & Korea (SAPK).